Charlotte Cosplay Ball

January 13, 2018

Charlotte Cosplay Ball Cosplay Contest

There will be a panel of 4 guest judges. Each cosplayer will be given a number that they will wear. Only individuals can compete, there are no couples or group categories. Throughout the event, guest judges will note the number, and a brief description, of the cosplayers they chose as their favorites based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Craftsmanship
  • Authenticity to character portrayed
Each judge will choose three to five selections for the finals.

An hour before the event ends, the guest judges will compile their selections. From those selections the guest judges will then select no more than five finalists and no less than three. Those finalists will then be announced and given fifteen minutes to prepare for a thirty second performance embodying their character cosplayed.

Each selection will then perform in front of an audience and the guest judges. Based on those performances the winners will be chosen and placed. There can be up to three placements: 3rd Place, Runner Up, and 1st Place. Winners will be announced in ascending order.